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The Panthers' Mosquito team is where a player will see the full football field in competition for the first time.  Mosquito is for U12 players, or players who will turn 10 or 11 years old this calendar year.  Mosquito football is played 12v12 and is nearly identical to the full Canadian game. 

With a maximum team size of 36 players, the number of players trying out for the Panthers generally exceed this so cuts are necessary. Players are evaluated on a number of factors including skill, size, speed, aptitude and coachability. Players who do not make the cut are free to try to make the roster of another team in Ottawa.

The Mosquito program will hold their evaluations in June and begin regular season practices in July. Generally, the teams will practice three times per week and play a weekend game until the end of the season. Depending on the on-field success, the season could run until the first week of November.

The season fee includes the loan of equipment (helmet, shoulder pads, knee pads, game and practice pants, practice jersey, mouthguard), a t-shirt and game jersey to keep, all team sessions including the end of season banquet. Additional fees include the Football Canada National Registration Fee ($54), game socks ($TBD) and any individual fundraising the team chooses to undertake (parents have a say here). Optional costs include protective girdle (if player doesn't already own one),  photography and replacement mouthguards. There is a $50 non-refundable component of the season fee that goes toward equipment purchases and field rental for the try-out period.

For more information about the Mosquito program, please contact Eric Parent.

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