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MOTIONS - Constitutional Changes

by Cumberland Panthers Football Club, 2017-11-06T09:10:05-08:00November 06 2017, at 09:10 AM PST

The following Constitutional changes have been brought forward as MOTIONS for the Cumberland Panthers’ 2017 Annual General Meeting.
1) Move to amend section 4.4 in regards to the following positions and titles:
1. OPFL Director (name change)
2. NCAFA Director (add new position)
2) Add the clause 4.5
The executive committee have the authority to restrict or deny the appoi... [more]
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2017 NCAFA Schedule

2017-08-28 12:10 PDT by Cumberland Panthers Football Club

As you’ve probably heard from your respective managers, we have a schedule!
As a preface, it’s not perfect. Due to the inability for some Clubs to f... [more]

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